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Below is an overview of the services and solutions Mind’s Eye Hypnosis provides.

If at anytime, while you are browsing through our services section, you have a question related to any of our services don't hesitate to call us at 303-562-4801 or send us an
e-mail at vpb@mehypnosis.com.

While it is our practice to offer the best possible service, we feel the value of our service is very important. If you feel that the higher the value gives you an equal service, then you might want to reevaluate your thoughts. With this being said, it is Mind’s Eye Hypnosis’ feeling that if we offer you a value, it is through your satisfaction that we will grow with referrals from others you may know that can achieve their goals through hypnosis.

During the consultation, we may feel that you can begin hypnosis, however, we will not actually begin session, and will use the hypnosis time as a tool to develop a suggestion to bring you into the hypnotic trance more rapidly for future sessions. All of this will be determined during the consultation.

Hypnosis Consultation
Here is where we will guide you through a brief questionnaire and demonstrate the process of the actual session to ease any questions you may have prior to being hypnotized. This process usually requires about 90 minutes  time.
$60 / hr

Hypnosis Session
This will be the actual session. Each session will vary in time length, but usually an hour is all we will need to accomplish your needs. The number of sessions required will be dependent upon your actual need and how much depth is required to reach your goal. We have found most individuals can get to their goals in 3-5 sessions after the initial consultation.
$60 / hour.

Family/Marriage Consulting
Counseling is offered to families to provide emotional support, education and guidance for a variety of concerns. The process and workings of family counseling are often very challenging for family members as well as for the counselor. We often work with the entire nuclear family, viewing them as a unit or system. Relationships emerge from this system that influence development and behavior of all the family members. An individual member of the family may receive direct attention during the therapy session to address problem behavior or provide support.
$90 / hour.

Sexual addiction Consulting
Sexual addiction often begins in childhood with relational wounds within the family. These wounds are not always easily seen or known by the personal struggling with sexual addiction. The sexual addictive behaviors originally begin as  solutions€¯ to feeling lonely, rejected, or abandoned. Over time, the behaviors increase due to tolerance (i.e., needing more, better, or different). What begins as a solution€¯ becomes a problem.
Sexual addictive behaviors can be different for each person that struggles with this addiction. The behaviors for many may not progress beyond compulsive masturbation or habitual use of pornography, chat rooms, or webcams for sexual excitement. Yet for other men and women, the addictive behaviors may cross over into illegal activities such as exhibitionism, voyeurism, obscene phone calls, sex with prostitutes, or sex with people found on websites that cater to sex addicts.
$75 / hour.

Female Sex addiction Consulting
Love addicts go through life with desperate hopes and constant fears. Fearing rejection, pain, unfamiliar experiences, and having little faith in their ability or right to inspire love, they wait and wish for love, perhaps their least familiar real experience.
Mature love is about knowing and being known by another person. It is about building intimacy through honesty and the sharing of oneself. Addiction however is the opposite to intimacy. Love addiction is not really about love but is actually running away from real intimacy. Love addiction is rooted in an unhealthy dependency and poor self esteem. It stems from a fear of abandonment and a false sense of identity. It is about holding on to a relationship at all costs regardless of the other person’s needs.
$90 / hour.

Spouses of Sex Addiction Consulting
Does your husband or boyfriend need help overcoming pornography or other sex addictions? If so, you have already taken the first steps by recognizing the porn addiction and learning more about its cause and effect.
First, make a commitment to change. If you continue to do what you did yesterday, you will get yesterday’s results. Decide how you will get help and support.
Counseling provide specialized spouses of sex addicts counseling support. They provide a safe place to share your pain, shock, and grief over the discovery that your spouse or partner has betrayed you. They can teach you to set boundaries in your relationship if your partner is struggling with porn or other related sex addiction. Sex addicts often believe that it is something that everyone does and no one is getting hurt¯. Most of them are unaware of the trail of devastation they leave behind.
$75 / hour.

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